ADHD in Child – Development Progress and Medications

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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This is undoubtedly the most controversial of all the psychiatric diagnoses with implications that touch on major public health and educational concerns. More than two million schoolchildren in the United States are taking stimulant medication intended to help their concentration and/or to reduce their hyperactivity. For many children, this results in a dramatic improvement in performance, self-esteem, and interpersonal relationships.

Nonetheless, there is a serious disagreement even among the best experts in the field on the optimal threshold for defining Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or sometimes short­ened to ADD) and how to decide which and how many kids to treat. Many parents, and some experts, believe that the diagnosis of ADHD is being made too liberally and that stimulants are being used indiscriminately as a quick fix for more complex educational, family, or social problems. It is impossible to know with any degree of certainty how many children are being needlessly exposed to the potentially harmful side effects of the stim­ulant medications. It is equally unclear how many kids who would benefit from the medication are not yet receiving it.

Selecting Suitable Psychotherapist to Treat Psychiatric Problems

Therapist to Treat Psychiatric Problems
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There are two things to think about— chemistry and competence. Stud­ies show that the best predictor of good outcome in treatment is that the people involved in it like and respect each other and work well together. Don’t stay with a therapist you really don’t like as a test of your endurance or in the hope that resolving the problem with him will somehow make you a better person. Every therapeutic relationship will have its occasional ups and downs (which you are likely to be contributing to in ways that may be enlightening), but these must occur on a foundation of trust and engage­ment if they are to be weathered well. It is probably a good idea to interview several clinicians before picking the one you want to work with and to go with your gut in choosing among them.

Competence is much more difficult to determine. There is an ever­ growing array of different professional disciplines offering treatment for psychiatric problems. Competence varies widely both within and across disciplines. Many mental health clinicians are the best people our species is capable of producing—among the most competent and most caring of individuals. But there are also many well meaning but incompetent thera­pists, some outright charlatans, and even a fair share of the mean-spirited who have mistakenly wandered into the most helping of professions.

Diagnosis of Delirium, Dementia and Psychiatric Conditions

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Delirium and Dementia both cause severe cognitive problems affecting multiple intellectual abilities, but there are several ways to distinguish them. The most important difference is the clarity of the person’s con­sciousness. People with Delirium act as if they are in a cloud — it is almost impossible to sustain more than a brief conversation with them without getting the feeling that they have drifted off elsewhere. In contrast, even though the person with Dementia may not know what day it is or even rec­ognize who you are, he is able to remain relatively alert and will stay con­nected with you during a conversation. Another important difference is in the way the symptoms change over time. A person with Delirium often has a fluctuating Jekyll-and-Hyde quality—whereas the cognitive problems in Dementia are more stable from day to day.

Schizophrenia and Schizophreniform Disorder

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Popular usage to the contrary, Schizophrenia is not synonymous with split per­sonality (which falls closest to Dissociative Identity Disorder). Schiz­ophrenia is a brain disorder that causes severe problems in thinking, feeling, and behavior. People with Schizophrenia experience difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy. They also have trouble relating to other people, com­municating through language, controlling their emotions, and making everyday decisions.

Schizophrenia affects approximately two million Ameri­cans, or almost 1 percent of the entire U.S. population, with men and women represented in equal numbers. The illness usually strikes at a relatively young age—the early twenties for men and the late twenties for women. As compared to men, women with Schizophrenia generally display more mood symptoms and have a better lifetime course and response to treatment.

Bulimia Nervosa Symptoms Diagnosis

Bulimia Nervosa
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People with this problem can’t control their eating any more than an alcoholic can control his drinking. Binge-eating episodes alternate with frantic efforts to off-load calories – paying for the binges by vomiting, using laxa­tives, fasting, or constant exercising. The dilemma arises from the contra­diction that you can’t control your calories intake, but want to control your weight. If you didn’t care about your body shape, your unrestrained binge eating would lead to obesity. But you do care very much and are engaged in a desperate attempt to neutralize the effect of the binges in order to avoid gaining weight. This leads to its own vicious cycle.

Bulimia Nervosa is an all too common problem, especially for young women between puberty and the early twenties. It often starts with dieting efforts to get off the baby fat. Dedicated fasting triggers breakthrough pig-outs, which in turn increase the motivation for even more fasting. Before long you discover vomiting or laxatives, or both, as another compensation and punishment for the binge episodes. The cycles of bingeing and “antibingeing” come to completely dominate your life.
Bulimia Nervosa

Prostate Cancer Treatment – Radiation Therapy and Radical Prostatectomy

prostate radiation therapy
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Radiation therapy is another option for men with localized prostate cancer. It is offered to the same men who are offered radical prostatectomy. They have cancer confirmed by biopsy that, as far as is known, is confined to the prostate. They, too, should be relatively, younger men who would normally expect to have at least ten years of healthy life ahead of them.

Radiation therapy has the big advantage of offering a cure without surgery. As prostatectomy is a major operation with all the usual risks, this advantage cannot be underestimated. However, it has its disadvantages, first of all it does not help BPH, so it can leave men with bladder outflow problems that still need treatment, and perhaps TURP. The radiation can injure the nearby bowel and bladder, so that some men who have had it need operations to repair the damage. A small number have been reported, for example, to need a colostomy (a bowel opening in the front of the abdomen) because the radiation has damaged the rectum.

Radiation treatments take a long time – they need many sessions in the radiotherapy department, which can be daunting. Unlike radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy leaves the prostate behind, so that there is a potential for future cancers to develop, and for men to remain anxious about it. Of course, there is also the objection that, like radical prostatectomy, the radiation therapy may not be needed, because the tumor will not grow fast enough or spread wide enough to cause serious illness or death.

Dietary Intake for High Cholesterol Patients

Cholesterol Levels
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If you are worrying about your health, it’s about time that you focus on knowing some essential nutrients that your body needs in order to live a healthy life. Those who are suffering from high cholesterol level should learn how to eat the right types of food in order for them to prevent worsening the problem that they have.

Balancing your cholesterol level is very important to prevent developing a heart problem later on in life. There are lots of foods that can be helpful to you. there are lots of foods that can help control your cholesterol from getting high but of course, you need to eat them in moderation as well such as walnuts because it can help reduce the cholesterol levels in the body but it should be eaten within 1 ½ ounces only since it also contain fats.

Sleep Disorder Condition – Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy and Sleep Paralysis

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Most physical illnesses can cause sleep disturbances — usually as a consequence of the associated symptoms of pain, urinary frequency, coughing, respiratory discomfort, esophageal reflux, or itchiness. Other medical con­ditions, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, can disrupt sleep through their direct impact on the brain.

Sleep apnea has alternating periods of extremely loud snoring and gasping, followed by thirty seconds (and sometimes much longer) of silence during which breathing stops. You are probably unaware of the nighttime dramatics unless you have been told about them by your terrified bed partner. Your sleep is unreferencing and you nod off during the day. Sleep apnea can have a num­ber of different causes, but is most frequently seen in people who are overweight.

Signs and Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa
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Many clinicians like to believe that they can make a psychiatric diagnosis just by looking at a person, a hazardous endeavor given how appearances can be so deceiving. One exception is Anorexia Nervosa — few clinicians can forget the unnerving sight of a young woman who, despite resembling a concentration camp victim, refuses to eat because she is afraid of turning into a “blob.” Public awareness of the existence and grave danger of Anorexia Nervosa has increased over the past years with the revelation of some tragic celebrity cases such as Karen Carpenter and a number of gym­nasts and ballet dancers.

Unfortunately, this condition is not rare and rates have been steadily increasing over the past few decades. In a sense, Anorexia Nervosa is the most extreme manifestation of the clash between our cul­ture’s obsession with thinness and the ready availability of food.

Prevent Skin Dryness During Winter

Skin Care Tips To Prevent Dryness During Winter
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The top layer of your skin has the natural power to prevent itself from dryness. But when you get exposed to cold climate, low humidity and cold winds, this top layer gets depleted and causes dryness. Also, during winter season, dry air from the various room heating sources will suck out the moisture of the skin leaving it rough and dry. So if you want to keep your soft and smooth even in cold climate, it is essential, not to add moisture to your skin, but to lock the moisture from getting sucked out. Here are certain skin care tips to prevent your skin from losing its moistness and getting rough.

Anorexia Nervosa Treatment with Therapy, Phobic Desensitization and Liquid Diet

Anorexia Nervosa Treatment
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After medical stabilization, the absolute first priority is to end the starvation, which is a prerequisite for treating the psychological and medical complications of the condition. Because of the patient’s characteristic intense denial and terror of calories, the reversal of starvation is almost invariably met with stiff resistance. It is critical to take a firm stance that continued starvation may be incompatible with survival and therefore can­not be accepted. Initially, the re-feeding process usually entails the use of liquid nutritional supplements. In some cases, particularly when the per­son is unable (or unwilling) to eat, a nasogastric tube (or the threat of one) is necessary.

The temporary use of a liquid diet has several advantages. Liquid calories often meet with less patient resistance because they sidestep the avoidance rituals associated with solid food. You are also likely to get more calories per swallow and complain less of being bloated. Because liquids are absorbed more rapidly, there is less opportunity for self-induced vomiting. Finally, using a liquid diet allows for a more careful calibration and measurement of total daily calorie intake.

Aromatherapy Use During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Aromatherapy Use During Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Aromatherapy is the use of highly concentrated plant oils, usually administered in massage or in the bath. Aromatherapy and massage can be extremely relaxing and may ease symptoms in pregnancy such as backache, constipation, headache, anxiety and stress.

However, all aromatherapy essential oils contain chemicals which give them their specific therapeutic properties (e.g. relaxing, uplifting or stimulating) and once absorbed into the body they work in exactly the same way as drugs – so do not assume that they are all safe in pregnancy and labor. Many oils should not be used at all in pregnancy as the molecules cross the placenta to the baby. As a general rule, avoid using any oils in the first three months, unless you have been advised by an expert, as it is not known exactly how the oils can affect you or your baby.

Homeopathic Remedies During Pregnancy

Homeopathic Remedies During Pregnancy
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Complementary therapies are increasingly being used during pregnancy and childbirth, both by expectant mothers who purchase natural remedies such as aromatherapy oils, herbal, homeopathic and Bach flower remedies from health stores, and by professionals, especially midwives and doulas, to enhance the care they provide. However, it is vital to appreciate that, just because these therapies are ‘natural’ they are not automatically also ‘safe’ – they must be used appropriately and accurately. If you have any doubts about either the safety or effectiveness of any complementary therapy treatments you may be having, or about natural remedies you are taking, it is wise to seek professional advice.

Homeopathy is an energy-based system of complementary medicine in which minute doses of various substances are used to treat conditions whereas, if the same substances were given in large quantities, they would actually cause the same symptoms (often referred to as ‘treating like with like’). The remedy must be matched precisely to the full set of symptoms of each individual. There is little direct research on homeopathy in pregnancy but many women have used it successfully to ease pregnancy symptoms and to help them through labor and early parenthood, although it is wise to consult a qualified practitioner for the most appropriate treatment.

Staging and Assessing Prostate Cancer

chronic prostatitis treatment
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We ‘stage’ prostate cancers in different ways. The doctors’ first task is simply to perform the routine examination of the abdomen that they learned as students, and have perfected with experience. This involves looking for lumps in the groin, ‘tapping’ (percussing one finger against another lying flat on the abdominal surface) for an over-full bladder, looking at the legs for swelling, then placing a linger in the rectum.

The rectal examination is still the best way for the experienced doctor to assess the prostate. In the United Kingdom it is done with the man lying on his left side, the knees drawn up to the chest. In the United States, it is usually performed with the man standing, and leaning forward against a wall. Some doctors now employ a knee-elbow position, on the grounds that it gives a better ‘feel’ of the whole prostate gland. As most tumors arise in the peripheral zone, i.e. the part of the gland that is nearest the finger, rectal examination is remarkably accurate in detecting cancers.

The earliest stage that can be detected is a firm “nodule’ like a hard pea, that is well within the gland, not altering its shape. This is defined as stage T2a or Bl. depending on the system used by the clinic. Stage Tl is a cancer usually found almost by accident, during tests for BPH, with no indication of tumor on rectal examination. It is described below in the paragraph on TURP’.

Massage Lotions Are Essential to Success

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Whether a spa or salon uses massage lotions, oils, or creams, it is imperative that they are of the right and the best quality. For example, it is easy enough to invest in massive buckets of the “cheap stuff” and to believe that this is for the best because it keeps costs under control. While there is a tiny measure of sense to this way of thinking – because it allows pricing to be kept low, in the long run it won’t be good for business.

Why not? Just consider that cheaper massage lotions are made from questionable ingredients. That means that any clients with sensitive skin could face an adverse reaction or dislike the low quality texture or scent of the stuff. The massage professional may also find that cheap and low quality massage lotions don’t work so well either.

Shopping for Allegro Medical Equipment

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Allegro Medical Equipment is among the retailers that allow people to shop online. There are some special considerations that need to be taken into account when doing so, however, and it’s important that patients understand this. If one doesn’t take their time and do their shopping right, they’re likely to end up spending money on the wrong products, and that can make things particularly difficult for some patients.

Allegro Medical Equipment has a wide variety of different supplies available. In addition to having a wide variety of different supplies available, Allegro Medical Equipment tends to have several different variations on each supply available. Small variations among the same types of medical equipment can be significant in terms of what a patient can expect to get from them.

Treating and Managing Neck and Back Pain

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There are times in every single person’s life when they will be in pain for some reason or another.  Sometimes chronic pain just happens, without any seeming rhyme or reason.  Other times it may be attributed to a fall or some other kind of trauma.  When this pain happens, it is important to know how to deal with it, especially because there are so many different options.  This is especially true for neck and back pain.

Billions of people all over the world experience chronic neck and back pain on a regular basis.  Many of them are forced to maintain a steady diet of pills just to be able to function.  Others just go through their lives in pain hoping for a day of relief.  While this is certainly not ideal, sometimes it can seem like there is no other choice.  It is important to keep seeking out solutions to the cause of the problem, as things will likely keep getting worse if it is not actually fixed.

It is far too common to just do something to stop the pain, without considering the cause.  Many people become dependent on pills, others just make icing a regular part of the day.  Regardless of what the treatment may be, the person in pain is always going to be better off finding a permanent solution.  One common stop for people with chronic neck and back pain is to take a trip to the chiropractor’s office.

MassageWarehouse Offered Everything She Needed For Her Spa

MassageWarehouse Offered Everything She Needed For Her Spa 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Choosing to get into the business of massage therapy was something that has always interested her, but it wasn’t until she’d been working in the field for a few years that she actually thought she might be able to open and run her own business.  She’d worked at a friend’s spa for quite some time, learning the ropes and learning about the business as much as about dealing with and helping clients. Eventually, her friend – the owner of the spa – decided that she wanted to get out of the business, and that presented an opportunity. She bought the business from her friend and then everything was up to her from keeping up with the marketing to getting on board with her new supplier Massage Warehouse.